How to Put Two PDFs Together

We often have several PDF files lying in our system. There are instances when we just want to combine them all into one. Did you know there is a software program that can do it for you within minutes?

To put two or several PDF files together into a single PDF document, there is a software program known as PDF Combine that can act as your savior. Without much ado, let's see how easily you can combine your PDF files with PDF Combine.

PDF Combine Software

How to Combine Two PDFs Together Within Seconds

1. Download the software
Download and open the software and load the files to be merged in the file list. This can be done in three ways.

- Add the files in the file list through the 'Add' button
- Drop and drag the files in the file list by selecting them
- Put all the PDF files that are to be combined in a single folder, click on the Add Folder button and select the folder to be added from your system and then click OK.

2. Rearrange and sort
Now all your PDF files will be visible in the files list. You can reorder them according to your preferred order in which you want your PDFs to be combined. For this, select the file to be moved and click on the Green Up And Down Arrow Button to move it.

3. You're done!
This is the last step of the process. All you need to do is click on Combine Now. The process of combining the files starts instantly and the result will be seen in the form of an output folder opening with the file name CombinedPDF.pdf.

Why You Should Choose PDF Combine To Combine Your PDF Files

PDF files are an integral part of our lives, no matter if you are a professional or a college student. The benefit of using PDF document is that it does not allow the data to be edited which makes it safe to use. It further prevents any alternations in the document when exchanged among parties.

Choosing PDF Combine for merging various PDF has its advantages. These are:

- Does not require Adobe Acrobat
- Keeps the page size and content layout same as in original PDF document
- Even converts the password protected and restricted PDF files
- Can convert PDF files in 50+ languages
- Can combine more than 100 PDF files into one within seconds
- Allows to sort the order of PDF files
- Settings are auto saved
- Helps in combining PDF files offline without uploading them online

You can use this to print all PDF files in one go without having to print each PDF file individually. So, are you all set? Combine your PDF files with PDF Combine now.