PDF Merging Tool: PDF Combine

As publishers around the world are increasingly turning towards digitization of their books and articles, the task of organizing collections of digital documents has become a primary concern for many individuals who are finding that more and more of their personal libraries exist on their computers. The Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most popular and widespread technologies used in the encoding of these books in a human readable way, creating a greater need for software which can manipulate these files so that they can be stored logically. PDF Combine is a powerful new tool that rises to meet these challenges in a creative and easy to use way.

PDF Combine is a new PDF merging application, operates on a very simple premise - even new computer users should have access to the same set of features as major corporations when working with PDF files. PDF Combine exceeds this goal on all fronts. Its flexible interface supports selecting PDF files from the traditional file dialogue, or even dragging and dropping them right into the program's main box. The sleek, minimalist design allows the user to then merge PDF documents together with a single button, watching the results in real time.

The best feature PDF Combine has to offer, however, is almost certainly its auto-decryption, which allow users to combine owner password protected PDF files.

Pro: It can merge the owner password protected PDF documents, and there is a portable version for sharing.

Cons: It can not merge user password protected files.

PDF Combine is the best choice for merging your PDF documents. The program is available here: https://www.pdfcombine.net/download.html.