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(Reviewed by FindMySoft) Editing PDF documents is not as simple as editing a Word document. When you scan printed documents, the used application will save them as separate PDF files and you may need them in a single file. If you are in a hurry to solve this issue, PDF Combine will help you. Just feed it your PDF documents and it will combine them, in a single file, in a few moments.

The application works on Windows XP and all higher versions, including Windows 8. After a brief installation procedure, you may run PDF Combine right away, without installing anything else or rebooting your computer. Its system requirements are modest, so it works with the same efficiency, even if you are using low end hardware.

You just need to load your PDF files in the software's compact interface and click a button to combine them. It is possible to load files one by one or entire folders at once. The order in which you place your files will reflect on the output document. You can use arrow buttons, located on the lower part of the window, to move selected files up or down in the list.

By default, the combined document is saved on a predefined path, but you can select a different one, after clicking a hyperlink, located on the lower edge of the interface. Apart from setting PDF Combine to beep or not when the process is complete, or removing loaded files, there are no other options to find. The software is very straightforward and it does not waste your time with complex options.

The application will combine any number of PDF documents into a single file. You can decide the order in which to place the pages by moving the loaded files up or down in the list. The software works quite fast and it is very easy to use.

There are no options for targeting specific pages from a PDF document.

PDF Combine gives you the possibility of merging any number of PDF files as fast and easy as possible.

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