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You may have a lot of PDF files while working on your computer and need a software program to combine PDF files into a single PDF document. PDF Combine is a windows PDF combiner program to combine your PDF files to a single one. You can download PDF Combine from this link.

PDF Combine also has a ZIP Portable Version, which you can share this app via email or flash disk much simply.

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Looking for Mac OS Version? Click Here - PDF Merger Mac

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How To Merge PDF Files

We have updated PDF Combine lately and the new version added the "Sort the File List" button auto sort PDF combining order. With this new button, PDF Combine program enables you to sort the PDFs combining order by the filename ASC or DESC in the file list with one-click.

1 Minute Video: How to Merge Multiple PDFs to One PDF by PDF Combine Software

11 PDF Combine Features: Why Do You Need PDF Combine Software

no Need Adobe Acrobat No Required Adobe Acrobat
Keep PDF Layout Keep the Original PDF Content Layout and Page Size for Every New PDF Page
Auto Remove Restriction Support Owner Password Protected/Restricted PDF Files
All PDF Languages Support Support 50+ Languages PDF Files
Batch Combine Combine 100+ of PDF Files in Few Seconds
Support All Windows versions Support All Windows Platforms
Small File size Handy & Easy to Use, Small Installer Package Size
Auto save settings Auto Save Settings
reorder PDF combine order Adjust the Combining PDF Order
portable Portable Version without Installation
merge PDF files offline Secure Merging PDFs Offline, No Need Upload and Storing Files Online

PDF format became to be the absolutely necessary part of our office work because it has the smaller size than MS Office format, and the most important thing is PDF files could not be changed easily. So when you want to email a document to your colleagues or prepare a new contract for your clients, storing the content as the PDF format is a better choice.

However, sometimes sending several PDF files costs your time a lot: renaming PDF files, packing them, or uploading one by one. You should try to use PDF Combine to combine multiple PDF files into one PDF file. This program would combine your hundreds of PDF documents within a few minutes, and you can adjust the file order in the file list before starting the merging.

Besides reducing the PDF file size for transferring, a few users use PDF Combine to combine their PDF files for saving the PDF printing time. Normally, you have to set each printing task if you want to print more than one PDF document, but there is another way could do this much more easier: Combining PDF files and then print. Now you only need to set the printing options for the combined PDF only once, then the printer will print all the documents.

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Tutorial of PDF Combine:

How to Combine PDF Files by PDF Combine